Our Ministries

First Touch Ministry

The First Touch Ministry consists of volunteers that serve as greeters and/or ushers who exhibit the love of Christ to all who enter the doors of the church, and extend the experience into the sanctuary. Greeters welcome patrons to the church with open arms, smiles and hugs. Ushers continue the signature affect by attending to orderly entrance and exit of persons in the church.  

Desired Characteristics: Kind, energetic, dependable, teachable, and friendly; showing Christ-like love and able to speak loud and clear

Audio Team

The Audio Ministry volunteers serve as technicians to ensure that there is a quality sound during worship services and events. In addition, volunteers assist in working the projector to ensure that the congregation experiences aspects of the worship experience through visual effects.

Desired Characteristics: Team player, detail-oriented, attentive, kind,  timely and dependable, ability to learn sound board and/or projector

Marketing/Media Team

Marketing and Social Media team volunteers serve by creating and implementing marketing plans to promote WORD Fellowship Church worship services and events.  Volunteers can serve as graphic artists, social media managers, photographers, videographers and marketing strategists.

Desired Characteristics: Team player, creative, computer-savy, artistic, dependable, organized, timely

WORD Kids (Ages 5-11 years)

WORD Kids Children’s Ministry volunteers with our children to give them the tools they need to grow in their relationship with Christ. Volunteers who join this ministry are people who enjoy teaching, mentoring, chaperoning, and making a positive impact in the lives of  children from ages five years old to 11 years old. We honor the safety of our children.  As a result, all children’s ministry workers must be willing to undergo a background check.

Desired Characteristics: 

  • Enjoy being around children, good at establishing rapport with children, compassionate, kind, confident, teachable, faithful, team player, ability to teach children Biblical principles at a level they can understand.


  • All children's ministry volunteers must be willing to undergo and pass a background and character  reference check.   

  • WORD Kids meets every 2nd-4th Sunday at 9:30 a.m. 

WORD Teens (Ages 12-17)

WORD Teens is designed for volunteers who enjoy working  with teenagers ages 12-17.  Teen Ministry volunteers serve in capacities as teachers, chaperones, group leaders, and mentors and pour into the lives of soon to be young adults of WORD Fellowship Church. We honor the safety of our teens.  As a result, all teen ministry workers must be willing to undergo a background and character reference check.

Desired Characteristics: 

  • Enjoy being around teenagers, good at establishing rapport with teenagers, compassionate, kind,  confident, teachable, faithful, team player, ability to teach Biblical principles at a level of understanding  to teens, mature.


Becoming One Married Couples Ministry

Becoming One Married Couples Ministry is designed to strengthen the relationships of married couples by empowering them with practical biblical principles relevant to their personal, spiritual, and social growth.  All heterosexual married couples are invited to participate in Becoming One Married Couples ministry events, workshops, retreats, and classes. 


Becoming One Married Couples classes also meet monthly on 3rd Sundays at 8:15am- 9:15am.

JEWELS (Joyful Energetic Women Endeavoring to Love and Serve) Women's Ministry

The women’s ministry at WORD Fellowship Church serves the holistic needs of all women through teaching of biblical principles to assist with their overall growth and development.  


 J.E.W.E.L.S. meets monthly on 4th Sundays from 8:15am-9:15am. 

"The Front Line" Men's Ministry

Pastor Butler leads the charge in addressing common issues men face by challenging them to increase their faith in God. The goal is to encourage men to come to the forefront (front lines) and fulfill the ministry to which they are called in their homes, church, work and community through prayer and service. The men are taught how to be the leader and at the rontline in their relationships with God, their families and the community.


Meeting dates to be announced.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is an integral part of the life of WORD Fellowship Church. Music is a tool for leading people to Christ, to disciple and strengthen the faith of believers, for helping people experience true worship, and glorifying God.   Finally, our music ministry is an opportunity for those serving in it to experience ministry and community while growing in their faith.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Must be a born-again believer and submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  • A deeply committed Christian faith, a genuine spirituality, and a humble spirit.

  • Must be willing to audition for any singing role with the Music Minister or designated person(s).

  • Teachable, dependable, team player, kind, humble, exhibit the love of Christ

  • Can attend rehearsals and worship services